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Inhalation Sedation (Gas and Air)

Inhalation sedation for dental procedures in Ipswich

Inhalation sedation is a light form of sedation. It is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen breathed through a nose-piece. This helps the patient to feel relaxed and accept treatment.

Inhalation sedation is also known as ‘happy air’. Inhalation sedation is NOT general anaesthesia.

What will the patient feel?

During inhalation sedation you can feel:

  • relaxed
  • floating
  • slightly drowsy but not asleep
  • slightly warm
  • tingling in the feet or hands

The patient will be awake and conscious throughout the procedure and will be able to talk.

How quickly does it work?

Inhalation sedation takes a few minutes to become effective and also a few minutes to recover from at the end of the procedure.

Inhalation sedation is a safe and recommended form of sedation which can benefit both children and adults.


More on the types of sedation available

We offer a range of techniques to support nervous patients. For more information on the types of sedation available please use the links below.