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Light Sedation

Light sedation is also known as premedication or anxiolysis. It is, as the name suggests, a lighter form of sedation suitable for patients who are worried about a certain procedure but who are not extremely phobic. It is useful for patients who have lighter treatments like fillings or simple extractions or who have a mild gag reflex.

It can be achieved by taking oral sedatives 45 min to an hour before treatment or by using gas and air.

If you need to take sedative drugs, you will need to follow the same procedure as for intravenous sedation with Midazolam due the possibility that the drugs may affect you in a similar way as with conscious sedation (but usually lighter).

Diet restrictions, escort requirements, pre- and postoperative instructions will be the same as for conscious sedation.

If you have light sedation with Gas and air, you will not usually need to follow any restrictions, nor will you need an escort, but individual variations may apply depending on the assessment.

More on the types of sedation available

We offer a range of techniques to support nervous patients. For more information on the types of sedation available please use the links below.